Does Policing Facial Recognition Tech make us safer? A discussion on Garda’s potential use of FRT

Our centre’s co-director Liz Farries joined Newstalk today to discuss a digital policy question: Does policing facial recognition technology make us safer? This is in response to Ireland’s move towards legislating Gardaí use of this tech.

An excerpt of Liz Farries thoughts’ on potential facial recognition software implementation by Garda:

“From a digital policy perspective, there’s evidence that policing facial recognition tech actually makes society less safe.

“It doesn’t accomplish the goal that Guards are seeking.

“It’s not accurate, it can be discriminatory – and it moves us further towards a surveillance society that is somewhat dystopian in character.”

You can read the whole article here.

You can listen to the discussion below:

Professor Farries was hosted in Tonight VMTV to talk about potential facial recognition technologies implementation by Garda:

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