Cyber security policy is in everything

25th October 2023

‘Cyber is in everything and so everything is in cyber policy. Cyber policy is practically a part of every other policy field.’

 –   Dr Richard Browne

To support European Cybersecurity month, the UCD Centre for Digital Policy is delighted to re-visit our Cybersecurity Series, developed last year in collaboration with Microsoft. Our third video in the series explores Cybersecurity Regulation and the role of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). 

Dr Richard Browne, NCSC Director is featured in our series and we were delighted to welcome him back to our Centre’s educational programmes today to discuss cyber as a policy conundrum.

The National Cyber Security Centre in Ireland has three main regulatory roles: broad spectrum cyber security incident response, resilience building, and maintaining international and national relationships towards sharing cyber security best practices. Its function responds to what Dr Browne describes as a chaotic and dynamic cyber ecosystem. Security responses are technical, situational, sometimes bespoke, and tend to be informed by networked solutions. 

Watch the full Cybersecurity series here.

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