Dr. Bahareh Heravi is a Reader (Professor) in AI and Media at the Institute for People-Centred AI at the University of Surrey. In her research, she focuses, among other topics, on the use of AI in journalism and AI, data storytelling and Data & Computational Journalism.

Furthermore, Bahareh is a founding co-chair of the European Data & Computational Journalism Conference, acts as an expert evaluator and a project monitor for the European Commission and the Research Data Alliance, serves on the EDI Advisory Committee of the Royal Statistical Society, and she sits on the Irish Government’s Open Data Governance Board.

Prior to her current position at the University of Surrey, Bahareh was an assistant professor at the UCD School of Information and Communication Studies. At UCD, she was the founding director of UCD Data Journalism Programme. Before becoming an academic, she worked for over 10 years in the industry.

Bahareh was selected as one of Silicon Republic’s Sci-Tech 100, and was named one of “22 high-flying scientists making the world a better place” in 2019.

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