Brendan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Communication Studies in University College Dublin (UCD). He completed his PhD in the ADAPT Centre in the School of Computer Science and Statistics in Trinity College Dublin under Professor Vincent Wade and the late Professor Séamus Lawless. His PhD investigated the impact of visual presentation of news on the perception of bias. After completing his PhD, he held three concurrent positions as a Postdoctoral researcher on the
H2020 Provenance project developing tools to detect disinformation, an IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow on a two-year project focused on credibility and disinformation, and as a Research Fellow on the Proactive Experiences and Agency challenge in the Digitally Enhanced Engagement Strand (PEA@DEE), in the ADAPT Centre.
Currently, he is the PI of a Horizon Europe Innovation Action project called VIGILANT. It is a 3-year, €4m project with 18 partners that will equip European Police Authorities with advanced technologies from academia to detect and analyse disinformation campaigns that lead to criminal activities.

Brendan has always had a strong interest in the factors that impact human judgement of information. Traditionally his work has focused on Bias and Credibility, but more recently it has focused on Misinformation and Disinformation. He has also done some work in Dialogue Agents and have a particular interest in them as a means of delivering news. From a disciplinary perspective, his work is at the intersection of HCI, Behavioural Science, Information Science and News and Journalism studies. Essentially, he is interested in the factors that impact human judgement of information. Due to world events and the proliferation and threat of disinformation, much of his work is now undertaken within the security domain.