Dr. Dana Guy is a research assistant at UCD Centre for Digital Policy. She recently completed her PhD at the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin, focusing on narratives in social media during intractable conflicts.

She holds a master’s degree (MA) in Security Studies and a dual bachelor’s degree (BA) in Political Science, Communication, and Journalism. Dana held several academic positions as a research and teaching assistant in the fields of politics, international relations, and conflict resolution, as well as working in several NGOs related to human rights, conflicts, gender, culture, and the environment.

She is also a member of two EU COST science & technology research networks: ‘Integrating Theory and Methods for Automatically Analysing Opinionated Communication (OPINION), and ‘Redressing Radical Polarisation: Strengthening European Civil Spheres facing Illiberal Digital Media’ (DepolarisingEU). Dana also works with TASC (Think-Tank for Action on Social Change) as a Public Education and Research Officer.

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