Ioanna Noula

Dr Ioanna Noula is a senior researcher and consultant in the areas of democratic citizenship, children’s rights, tech policy and organisational governance. Following her doctoral research on democratic citizenship education, Ioanna’s work focused on the implications of digital technology for citizenship, youth participation and sustainable development.

In 2018, against the backdrop of the emergence of international regulation for digital services, she co-founded and led research for the Internet Commission, an independent not-profit organisation that pioneered methodologies which advanced the accountability of online platforms. Between 2019 and 2022, she led two auditing cycles and co-authored the Internet Commission’s Accountability Reports on trust and safety practices based on the evaluation of major online platforms including the BBC, Sony PSN, Tinder, Meetic and Twitch.

She has held teaching and research positions at UCL’s Institute of Education, the School of Education in the University of Leeds and the Department of Media and Communications of the London School of Economics where she was a visiting fellow between 2016 and 2023.

Her current research and policy work focus on youth rights claims online and the development of international industry standards for online redress through participatory methodologies.

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