James is an Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at the UCD School of Information and Communication Studies. His research focuses on the political economy of algorithmic and data-intensive technologies, and draws also on resources from media studies, science and technology studies and labour studies. His recent work has concerned labour/capital relations in the AI industry. He is author of Automation and Autonomy: Labour, Capital and Machines in the Artificial Intelligence Industry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), co-author of Inhuman Power: Artificial Intelligence the Future of Capitalism (Pluto, 2019) and has published papers in journals including New Media & Society.
Research Interests
James is interested in data-intensive capitalism and how it exhibits both continuities and changes with previous economic systems. He is interested in both perennial concerns, such as automation, and novel situations, such as the generation of synthetic data in virtual environments. His work combines qualitative methods with systematic theoretical engagement.
James has previously held research positions at University of Toronto and University of Washington. He holds a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Western Ontario.
Recent Publications

Steinhoff, J. Towards a Political Economy of Synthetic Data: A Data-intensive Capitalism that is not a Surveillance Capitalism? (2022). New Media & Society.

Steinhoff, J. Automation and Autonomy: Labour, Capital and Machines in the Artificial Intelligence Industry. (2021). New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Dyer-Witheford, N., Kjøsen, AM. and Steinhoff, J. Inhuman Power: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism. (2019). London: Pluto Press

Steinhoff, J. The Proletarianization of Data Science. (2022). In Digital Work in the Planetary Market. Edited by Mark Graham and Fabian Ferrari. Ottawa/Cambridge: International Development Research Centre (IRDC) and MIT Press