Lai Ma is Assistant Professor at UCD School of Information and Communication Studies. Her current project examines the development of open research infrastructure and the platformisation of research information using concepts and approaches in history and sociology of knowledge, research on research (or meta-research) and science and technology studies. She has published in Journal of Documentation, Journal of Association for Information Science and Technology, Research Evaluation, and Science and Public Policy.


Recent publications:

Ma, L. (2023). Information, platformized. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 74(2), 273-282.

Ma, L. (2022). Metrics and epistemic injustice. Journal of Documentation, 78(7), 392-404.

Ma, L., & Agnew, R. (2022). Deconstructing impact: A framework for impact evaluation in grant applications. Science and Public Policy, 49(2), 289-301

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