Patrick Brodie is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow in the School of Information and Communication Studies. He was previously FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. Patrick’s peer reviewed research has appeared and is forthcoming in New Media and SocietyMedia, Culture and SocietyInformation, Communication and SocietyEnvironment and Planning E: Nature and SpaceCanadian Journal of Communication, and Culture Machine, among other journals and edited book collections. His public-facing writing has been published in The Irish, and Rupture: Eco-Socialist Quarterly. He is currently completing a book project on media infrastructure and logistical forms in post-financial crisis Ireland.
Research Interests
Patrick’s research programme lies at the intersections of environmental politics and digital media infrastructures. Specifically, it has focused on how spatial and environmental justice are entangled within the development and operation of data infrastructures, energy systems, and the supply chain organisation of global media economies. Much of my research has applied qualitative media studies and geographical approaches to the study of data centres in Ireland and their environmental externalities and effects on energy infrastructure.
Research Projects
Patrick is undertaking three concurrent research projects. The first analyzes the histories and presents of data and energy infrastructure across the island of Ireland through environmental and postcolonial lenses, with a particular focus on material endurances, cross-border politics, extractivism, and infrastructural governance. The second is a collaborative study with Dr. Patrick Bresnihan at Maynooth University about the “data/energy nexus” in Ireland and its relation to green politics and just transitions. The third is a collaborative, SSHRC-funded initiative focusing on rural media and infrastructural relations called Media Rurality, which he co-coordinates with Dr. Darin Barney at McGill University.
Patrick was previously FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University and a Scholar-in-Residence in the School of Irish Studies at Concordia University. He completed his PhD at Concordia University in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and was a Mitacs Visiting PhD Researcher in Geography at Trinity College Dublin.
Recent Publications and Outputs
Bresnihan, Patrick and Patrick Brodie. 2023. “Waste, Improvement, and Repair on Ireland’s Peat Bogs.” In Ecological Reparation: Repair, Remediation and Resurgence in Social and Environmental Conflict, edited by Dimitris Papadopoulos, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, and Maddalena Tacchetti. Bristol University Press.
Nathalie Ortar, A.R.E. Taylor, Julia Velkova, Patrick Brodie, Alix Johnson, Clément Marquet, Andrea Pollio and Liza Cirolia. 2022. “Powering ‘smart’ futures: Data Centres and the Energy Politics of Digitalisation.” In Energy Futures: Anthropocene Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Everyday Life, edited by Simone Abram, Karen Waltorp, Nathalie Ortar, and Sarah Pink. De Gruyter.
Brodie, Patrick and Paul O’Neill. 2022. “Confronting the Regionalism of Amazon Web Services.” In Amazon: At the Intersection of Culture and Capital, edited by Alexander Monea, Maillim Santiago, and Paul Smith. Rowman Littlefield.
Bresnihan, Patrick and Patrick Brodie. 2022. “Data Sinks, Carbon Services: Waste, Storage, and Energy Cultures on Ireland’s Peat Bogs.” New Media and Society.
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