UCD Centre for Digital Policy Workshop: Radical Platform Governance on November 1st

The UCD Centre for Digital Policy organises a workshop on Radical Platform Governance. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 1st, from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, at the Museum of Literature, Ireland. The event is open to any person who wishes to attend, academic or non-academic.

Our aim for this workshop is to bring together researchers and people interested in critically interrogating various aspects of the contemporary political economy of platforms, with a special emphasis on theoretical and conceptual approaches that provide a potentially radical challenge to understanding, or re-imagining, the current academic discourse and policy status quo.
In particular, we are looking to highlight (a) critically oriented perspectives to understanding the platform economy as it is (‘how we got here’); as well as (b) forward looking, radical, utopian visions of alternative platform governance futures might look like.

You can submit your registration for the workshop here.


Opening Session: What Would Radical Platform Governance Look Like? (08:45 – 09:45)

Chair: Tomiwa Ilori, University of Pretoria

– Participatory session with inputs from Niels van Doorn (Amsterdam) and Lilly Irani (UC San Diego)

Session 1: The System is Broken: Dispatches from the Front Lines (10:00 – 11:15)

Chair: Eugenia Siapera, UCD

– Making it Work in the Digital Era (Jill Toh, Amsterdam)

– OnlyGovernance: Platform Policy Through the Sex Worker Lens (Vaughn Hamilton, MPI-SS)

– Algorithmic Power, Platform Governance, and African Indigenous Languages (Peter Chonka et al., KCL)

– The Role of Citizens in Platform Governance (Charis Papaevangelou, Toulouse)

Session 2: ‘The Old is Dying But..:’ Re-Examining the Platform Governance Status Quo (11:45 – 13:00)

Chair: Paloma Viejo Otero, University of Bremen

– A CRT Critique of the Content Moderation Bureaucracy (Angel Diaz, USC)

– Reimagining Conceptualizations of (Lawful) Online Harms in Online Safety Regulation (Matamoros-Fernandez & Bartolo, QUT)

– Rethinking Rights in Social Media Governance (Rachel Griffin, Science Po)

– Digital Ordoliberalism: Implementing and Enforcing Platform Regulation in the EU (Robert Gorwa & Elettra Bietti, WZB Berlin/Cornell Tech)

Session 3: Building Power for All of Us: Worker Organizing (14:00 – 15:15)

Chair: Eugenia Siapera, UCD

– Barriers to Community-Led Real Utopias: Cooperative Taxis in San Diego (Tandon et al., UC San Diego)

– Gendered Precarious Employment in China’s Gig Economy (Haley Kwan, Hong Kong)

– The Emerging Need for a Dual-Level Labour/Platform Labour Regulatory Strategy (James Parrott, New School)

Closing Session: Where do We Go From Here? (15:30 – 16:45)

Chair: Robert Gorwa, WZB

– Can we `Live Well’ With Platforms? (Julian Posada, Yale)

– Algorithmic Content Moderation Through an Agnostic Lens (Naomi Appelman, Amsterdam)

– Decentering Platform Power Through Independent Supervisory Bodies (E. Farries & E. Celeste, UCD/DCU)

– Towards a Trauma-Informed Research Practice for Content Moderation (Wood et al., UCLA)

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