Report Launch from PolicingInsight: Game changer, or dangerous tech? Policing Insight report gives you all you need to know about facial recognition

25 June 2024. PolicingInsight, with contribution from Centre director Elizabeth Farries, has officially launched a new report on facial recognition technologies.

The report highlights the use of facial recognition technologies and its associated risks and benefits:

“Facial recognition is hailed by advocates as the biggest policing advance since DNA, but by opponents as dangerous and intrusive technology; a new report by Policing Insight – Facing the future: the rise of facial recognition in policing – examines all side of the argument, with input from police leaders, academics, legal experts, campaign groups and suppliers from across the UK as well as Europe, Australasia and North America, to give you all the information you need on one of today’s most complex police technology debates.”

The report has been heralded by NPCC Chair CC Gavin Stephens as a “a real eye-opener into how policing is transforming and becoming more intelligence driven and precise.”

Read more report’s launch here. The larger, comprehensive report can be accessed via subscription on the PolicingInsight page.


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