Democratic Values in the Digital Age Series – Concluding Report

January 2023. Democracy is under pressure globally through the emergence of new technologies and concentrations of power.
Our Centre’s goals include democratic resilience and the development of technology policy that protects and promotes democratic institutions and values rather than undermining them. The 2020 European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP) put forward by the European Commission seeks to tackle threats to democratic processes and norms within Europe.
With support from Microsoft and our media partner Euractiv, our Centre collaborated with GLOBSEC and the Central European Digital Media Observatory in presenting a cross-European series of discussions using the EDAP as a structural thematic guide for conversation. Our series brought together civil society, NGO, academic, think tank, legislative and technology actors to reflect on the direction of European democracy and the role for tech and the private sector in preserving and advancing democratic norms.
Our findings and recommendations are here:
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