White Paper Platforming Harm: The Challenge of Alt Tech Platforms

28 May 2024. The Centre of Digital Policy is delighted to share the final white paper from the IRC/Coalesce funded project “Platforming Harm.” This project, headed by Centre Director Prof Eugenia Siapera alongside Dr Sarah Anne Dunne, Dr Sanaz Rasti and Prof Padraig Cunningham, sought to develop on burgeoning research into the role of Alt-Tech platforms in the proliferation of harmful narratives and disinformation, and their politicization. Using the Covid-19 pandemic as a starting point, the project later expanded to consider the circulation of racist, anti-feminist, and anti-LGBTQ narratives on such platforms, all considered harmful as a result of their opposition to fundamental rights and equality.

You can read the full white paper below:

Platforming harm White paper final


You can download the entire white paper here.

This work is supported by the Irish Research Council, grant number COALESCE 2021/3

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